Bengali Annaprashan: Spiritual and Beautiful Mukhe Bhaat Ceremony

Bengali Annaprashan is one of the most beautiful rituals that the parents of a child follow. The ritual involves the spirit of traditionalism.

Bengali Annaprashan: The spiritual and beautiful Mukhe Bhaat Ceremony - blog poster

Bengali Annaprashan: The Tradition Of Food Feeding

The word “Annaprashan” is a Sanskrit word that means the involvement of ‘Anna’ in a child’s diet. 

Whenever a baby is born, they are given a liquid diet consisting of only milk to a certain age but after they reach the age to consume solid food, Bengalis follow a sweet ritual of introducing rice and solid food to the baby. This ritual is called Annaprashan. Annaprashan is celebrated with great importance throughout India with different names. It reflects the cultural richness of the Hindu community.

For Bengalis, Annaprashan has great importance as they consider the ritual an auspicious function in the family where relatives are gathered to celebrate the child's first rice-eating ceremony.

The Bengalis celebrate it in no less manner than a wedding so the parents of the babies also hire experts for the Bengali rice ceremony photography to frame their moments. Sombit Dey Photography gives an excellent natural touch to baby photoshoot in Kolkata. Parents based in Kolkata can blindly trust Sombit Dey Photography to record the baby rice ceremony photography that they can cherish for life.

The Annaprashan Vidhi is an exciting ceremony involving the child's first consumption of solid food through the maternal uncle or grandfather’s hand. It generally takes place in the maternal home of the babies. In this article, we will take you through the beautiful concept of Mukhe Bhaat and its ritual and norms.

Bengali Annaprashan Ritual

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When Does The Mukhe Bhaat Ceremony Occur?

The Mukhe Bhaat ceremony takes place only when a child can consume solid foods and they are introduced to solid foods like rice, daal, and vegetables from this day onwards. 

Usually, there is a period to conduct this ceremony for newborn babies and it is different for both boy and girl children.

Bengali Annaprashan Pictures

The parents of a baby boy conduct the Annaprashan ceremony generally when the girl is five or seven months old whereas the parents of a boy conduct it when the baby boy is six or eight months old.

However, you can always consult a purohit or pandit to finalize the auspicious day to conduct the Bengali Annaprashan ceremony.

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The Bengali Annaprashan Rituals

Bengalis are always on the frontline when it comes to celebrating any occasion or happiness. They are over-excited and make sure that the rituals in the ceremony are perfect for each point. Bengali culture is a combination of fun and the significance of the ancestors so, like any other ceremony, the Annaprashan rituals are also celebrated with great respect and devotion in Bengali families.

The cultural ritual is celebrated by inviting guests and relatives to the ceremony place so that everyone can deliver their blessings to the infants. The child who will be having their first rice in the ceremony are beautifully dressed up in sarees or dhutis by their parents.

Photos of Baby Rice ceremony

They are given lots of gifts by the maternal side and the other relatives as well. Altogether, the Mukhe Bhaat ceremony is a very beautiful ceremony that highlights the journey of an infant’s food-changing habits. If you are planning this kind of occasion then do not forget to book an Annaprashan photographer in advance to capture the magical moments.

The ritual is done according to the Hindu panjika timing and the food is generally cooked by the grandmother. A puja is conducted followed by showering blessings with Dhaan and Dubba on the baby’s forehead. The ritual also includes a fun game for the infant, they are given to choose Book, Money, Soil, or Pen, and whichever object the child places his hands on is said to be his choice for this future as well.

Bengali Annaprashan photos

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Baby’s Attire For The Mukhe Bhaat Ceremony

The babies are treated like Princes and Princesses on their special day by all the family members, so, the dress they wear has to be magnificent as well. 

Isn’t it so?

You can opt for ready-made sarees that are available in the market to avoid the hassle of making your sweet girl wear an ordinary saree. You can go for bright colors like yellow and red for the occasion and can deck up your baby girl with jewelry and a Mukut to create that Bangaliytana look.

If you have a baby boy then it is best to make him wear a dhoti and Punjabi like a traditional Bangali Babu and style it with a Topor (headgear). Sombit Dey Photography is probably the best photography option that you can choose to restore the entire ritual and the saaj of the babies beautifully. 

Baby photoshoot of Rice ceremony

The Delectable And Mouth-Watering Food Menu For The Mukhe Bhaat Ceremony

If you are Bengali then you must know that Bengalis make no compromise when it comes to food. Bengalis are the people who cannot live without food and also invented several finger-licking delicacies over the period.

So, when it comes to ceremonies, do you think that they will not opt for the best food delicacies?

Well yes, from searching for the best catering services to ordering the best dishes is what they worry about.

Annaprashan ritual in Bengali is incomplete without Bhaat (Rice). Generally in a Bengali Mukhe Bhaat celebration, the menu consists of white basmati rice, a variety of Vegetable dishes, Moong or Masoor Daal with Macher Matha, Fish curries like that of Vetki, Katla, or Pabda fish. The menu is also not complete until the sweet dishes are served like Payesh (Rice Pudding), and other sweets made of milk.

Bengali Annaprashan Ritual and tradition


We hope that you have gathered some ideas of what a Bengali fun and sweet Annaprashan ceremony looks likes, what are the rituals performed in this celebration, why this occasion is celebrated so specially, and every other important detail.

If you are a Bengali, then do not miss celebrating your child’s Mukhe Bhaat lavishly and capture the entire ceremony from beginning to end with Sombit Dey Photography.

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