13 Modern & Trendy Flower jewellery Ideas For Bride

Floral jewelry elevates the beauty of brides. Explore some outstanding flower jewellery for bride that can add a delightful twist to their wedding look.

13 Modern & Trendy Flower jewellery Ideas For Bride - blog poster

The use of flowers in Indian weddings is a century-old practice. Flowers are a beautiful gift of nature that can add life to every decoration. From a Grand wedding décor to intimate wedding décor, every decoration requires fresh blooming flowers. The vibrant color of delicate flowers gives a celebratory vibe to Indian weddings. Floral jewelry can enhance the whole look of a bride. It can transform the bride’s look and make her feel like a princess. Though floral jewelry is only made for pre-wedding ceremonies. But they can give you an appealing look that is just hard to ignore. Floral jewelry falls under the latest fashion trend of brides that make great wedding stories. A Haldi or Mehendi ceremony bridal look is incomplete without this delicate jewelry. A photographer in kolkata for wedding always tries to capture the pure essence of a bridal look. And these flower jewelry is the key element of achieving the most captivating bridal look.

We have enlisted here some trendy flower jewelry for bride that can turn you into the most gleeful bride.

1. Floral Tiara

Every bride deserves to be the pretty queen at her wedding events. A floral tiara gives the feeling of a royal crown to the brides. This stunning piece of yellow flower jewellery for bride can make the bridal look more beautiful. A soft and delicate sunflower crown can offer a feminine and beautiful look to the Haldi bride. A yellow floral tiara complements the yellow outfit of the bride very well.

gorgeous floral jewellery for brides

2. Floral Choker

An artificial choker in red and yellow color accentuates the beauty of your Haldi ceremony look. This vibrant choker looks surreal if worn over a traditional outfit in red and yellow color. This delicate choker can also worn with an engagement or mehndi outfit. This gorgeous bride has set her hair loose with simplistic makeup to match the beauty of her artificial floral choker.

floral choker for brides

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3. Floral Bangles

Here is another pretty bride who has uplifted her bridal beauty by wearing floral bangles on her hands. The milky white beads in her bangle are making her hands look more graceful. To make beautiful wedding memory contact best wedding photographers in kolkata.

floral bangles for brides

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4. Floral Nath

Bridal naths are the most beautiful accessory that a bride wears on her wedding day. A floral nath accentuates the beauty of your pre-wedding look. There is a divine charm in the look of this gorgeous bride. She has adorned her nose with pretty floral earrings. The nose rings attached with a delicate bedded string which looks charming. Her blushing face is telling how happy she is feeling to begin the new journey of life.

real flower nose ring for brides

5. Floral Matha Patti

A floral matha patti is a breathtaking flower ornament for brides. This jewelry design can make you look like a real princess. The multi-colored matha patti of this stunning bride is adding a dramatic twist to her pre-wedding look. This fresh flower jewelry for bride can gain all the attention and give you a splendid look.

floral matha patti for brides

6. Floral Haathphool

If you want to make a style statement at your wedding function then you must choose a floral haathphool. Haatphool is a beautiful embellishment for Indian brides. It can enhance the beauty of your mehndi-laden hands. It is real flower jewellery for bride that can add some extra radiants and freshness to your Haldi day look.

stunning floral jewellery for brides

7. Floral Garland

Take inspiration from this glamorous bride who has to choose to wear a fresh flower garland to complete her bridal look. The beautiful fragrance of fresh flowers pleases everyone around you. You can choose fragrant flowers like jasmine or tube rose to adorn your neckline. The combination of her stunning saree and beautiful blouse design is adding a unique charm to her graceful look.

floral garland for brides

8. Floral Hair Piece

How about wearing a floral hairpiece on your Haldi day instead of using the traditional ones? A floral hairpiece is a unique flower bridal jewelry that can increase the charm of your hairstyle. This kind of floral jewelry looks more beautiful on a voluminous braid or an open hairstyle. The contrasting flowers of this floral hairpiece are complementing her entire haldi look.

floral hairpiece for brides

9. Floral Necklace

Isn’t this bride looking adorable in her vibrant haldi day look? She has chosen to wear a floral necklace along with floral earrings and maang tikka. The contrasting shade of pink and yellow flower in her pretty necklace is complementing the beauty of her pink and yellow cotton saree. The dainty white beads in her bridal flower jewelry for Haldi are adding a wedding vibe to her look.

beautiful floral necklace for brides

10. Floral Ring

A floral ring on the bride’s hand can be mesmerizing to look at. A floral ring can enhance the charm of a stunning floral mehndi design in the hands of a bride. The beauty of this artificial flower ring offers the bride a spectacular look in her mehndi ceremony. A floral ring design is the best flower jewelry that can make you look most attractive on your D-day.

floral ring for mehndi ceremony

11. Floral Maang Tika

A maang tikka is a beautiful adornment for completing a bridal look. This is the most important bridal flower jewellery for haldi look that is trending nowadays. A single flower attached with a beaded string can bring a bridal glow to your face.

floral maang tikka for brides

12. Floral Kamarbandh

Opt for an attractive floral Kamar bandh to get a captivating look. A floral Kamar bandh with dainty chains can transform your entire bridal look. Made up of fresh flowers, this yellow and red floral Kamar bandh gives your bridal personality a classy touch. This is the most beautiful bridal flower jewellery for mehndi ceremony.

delicate kamarbandh for brides

13. Floral Earrings

This beautiful flower jewellery for bridal look is a beautiful fusion of red and yellow flowers. These floral earrings add a great effect to your pre-wedding makeup. The delicate earrings is adding a fresh appeal to her personality and making her most attractive bride.

best floral jewelry for brides
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