Sindoor Daan, From Ancient Times To Today’s Celebrations

If your knowledge of a Sindoor Daan ceremony has been only through movies and photos, then read this guide to have a closer look at this wedding ritual.

Sindoor Daan, From Ancient Times To Today’s Celebrations - blog poster

The dash of vermillion powder when added between the hair partition of an Indian bride makes her look so beautiful. Sindoor Daan is a very important wedding ritual in India which signifies the beginning of a new life for the bride and groom.

It is the moment when the couple pledges their love and commitment to each other. This vermillion powder reflects the marital status of a bride which she applies every day on her forehead to mark his husband’s presence in her life.

For years, this vibrant wedding ritual has been glorifying the elegance of Bengali wedding photography. You might have seen the Sindoor Daan ceremony many times in Indian movies. But you may not know that this wedding ritual dates back to ancient times. It also holds a religious and scientific significance in a Bengali culture marriage.

So, here’s an authentic and detailed walk through this age-old wedding ritual. This blog describes its glorious past and its wonderful present in a Bengali wedding photoshoot. Read on to know what makes this wedding tradition unique land important.

sindoor daan ceremony in hindu marriage

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The prevalence of Sindoor Ceremony dates back to Ancient times.

There is an interesting story that marks the beginning of the Sindoor Daan ritual at weddings. According to an ancient story, goddess Parvati who was the reincarnation of Devi Sati was a great worshipper of Lord Shiva. She wanted to marry lord shiva. One day Naradmuni c

ame to her and said that if she wants to marry Lord Shiva, then she need to perform hard penance to please him.

Goddess Parvati agrees to this and started the Tapasya immediately. Finally, shiva appears in front of her but he put a condition to marry Goddess Parvati. Lord Shiva asked her to sacrifice her third on her forehead. Goddess Parvati accepted the offer. But as soon as Lord Shiva removed her third eye from her forehead it started bleeding.

Since then this area becomes the place for applying sindoor while the wedding. There is a strong belief regarding the ritual that the woman who applies sindoor is blessed by the Goddess Parvati. She protects his husband’s life and also saves the couple from evil.

There are historical records stating that the vermilion was used by the women of the Harappan civilization as a symbol of marriage. Hindu epics like Ramayana also show the use of sindoor by Devi Sita. Time has changed but the significance of this holy vermilion powder has remained the same in our society.

sindoor daan ceremony in hindu marriage
sindoor daan ceremony in hindu marriage
sindoor daan ceremony in hindu marriage

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All About A Bengali Sindoor Daan Ceremony

A Sindur Daan ritual is one of the best parts of candid Bengali wedding photography. The photos of this ritual look unique and surreal, as the emotions of the couple are at their highest at the moment.

In a Bengali wedding, the groom applies vermillion on the bride’s forehead using different things according to their custom. The groom may use a mirror, ring, or a rice measuring utensil called a kunke to perform this ritual. While applying sindoor to the bride’s forehead the groom is not allowed to see the bride’s face. He needs to look another side while performing this wedding ritual.

Once the sindoor is applied the bride’s head is covered with a new saree presented by the groom’s family. A Bengali bride in a Banarasi saree and gold jewelry looks like an eternal beauty in her Sindur Daan pic.

Bengali Sindur Daan is the most eye-pleasing and pious wedding ritual which solemnizes the wedding. It provides the most beautiful wedding ceremony images with natural expression.

sindoor daan ceremony in hindu marriage
sindoor daan ceremony in hindu marriage
sindoor daan ceremony in hindu marriage

Why Sindoor is applied scientific reason behind the century-old ritual

Pictures of Hindu weddings comprise many Sindur Daan moments. Every Sindur Daan pic portrays a unique story of love and commitment. But apart from being a symbol of marriage, the vermillion powder also has some great health benefits. Sindoor is made of a mixture of mercury turmeric and lime. Whenever sindoor is applied on the forehead of the bride, the mercury present in the sindoor works as a cooling agent and cools down her body.

Turmeric acts as a stress reliever and relaxes her mind. There is a strong belief that wearing sindoor triggers the sexual drive in women. This is the main reason allowed to apply sindoor. According to Ayurveda, the sindoor can activate the spiritual chakras in a woman’s forehead and increases positive energy. It can also control blood pressure.

sindoor daan ceremony in hindu marriage
sindoor daan ceremony in hindu marriage
sindoor daan ceremony in hindu marriage

What Does Red Sindoor Represent?

In A Bengali Sindur Daan pic, the bride’s forehead is filled with red color sindoor. But have you thought why the color of the Sindur is red? Is there any specific reason behind it?

The color red is not only the symbol of love but is also believed to be auspicious. That’s why the color of Sindur is kept red. It also attracts the cosmic powers which bring good fortune and prosperity.

sindoor daan ceremony in hindu marriage
sindoor daan ceremony in hindu marriage

Sindoor Daan Ceremony In Modern Times

Couples love looking back at their Sindur Daan images years after their marriage. It carries a special feeling which reminds them of their wedding moments.

In recent times, Sindur Daan photography has become an important part of wedding photography. The couple plans special poses to make this moment unforgettable. These pictures enhance the beauty of the wedding album.

sindoor daan ceremony in hindu marriage
sindoor daan ceremony in hindu marriage


The Sindoor Daan wedding ritual is a compulsory act in a Hindu marriage that solemnize the wedding. This wedding ritual is followed by mala bodol, kanya daan and anjali. The pictures of Sindoor Daan represent the ethnicity of a newly wedded couple. A dash of red sindoor in the bride’s head can transform her overall look. It brings an instant glow to her beautiful face. After the modernization of Indian women, the application of sindoor on a day-to-day basis is reduced. But its importance in a traditional Indian wedding is still similar to what it was in ancient times.

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