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Bengali Wedding photography is a beautiful flashback that reminds you of all the emotions and memories of your special day. Hire us to get the best wedding tales.

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About Bengali Wedding Photography

Bengali Wedding Photography

Whether it’s a small intimate Bengali wedding or a grand celebration, a wedding day is a very special moment in every individual’s life. Make your special moment of the wedding look grand with fantastic Bengali wedding pictures. The Bengali wedding photo captured by me could narrate your intimate wedding affair most beautifully. 

From joyful moments to tears of sadness a creative Bengali wedding photoshoot can capture these emotions in a manner no one else can. I believe in capturing your joyful moments and emotions in an awesome way to create a beautiful collage of your precious moments.

I feel pride in covering the beautiful Bengali wedding rituals and traditions of Bengali weddings that depicts an incredible wedding journey of the new Bengali couple and also allow me to upgrade my skills. I always make sure to create a friendly environment that helps the new couple to pose in front of the camera perfectly which creates impressive wedding pictures. Our team of talented Bengali wedding photographers works tirelessly to make sure we can realize all of your wedding day dreams. We make sure to use high-quality equipment in Bengali wedding couple photography to provide you with the most eye-pleasing couple wedding images.

Bengali Wedding Rituals Moments Covered By Us

Our Bengali Wedding Photography Service focuses on capturing every smallest detail of a wedding ritual celebrated in a traditional Bengali wedding.

Pre Wedding Bengali Photoshoot

Pre-wedding photography has become the latest trend in Bengali weddings. It has become an important part of Bengali couple photography. Couples are finding new ways to make a romantic pre-wedding story in the most creative and exquisite manner. We offer the best pre-wedding Bengali photoshoot packages in the city and make the most beautiful couple story full of love and emotions.

Bengali Wedding Rituals

A traditional Bengali wedding is the richest form of sanctity and culture. We understand how much importance these wedding rituals hold in the life of a Bengali couple. That’s why we try to cover every moment of your wedding from the start till the end. Be it a joyful Gae Holud ceremony, Mala Badal, or an emotional Sindur Daan, we always capture the splendid Bengali traditional wedding moments through our lenses.

Post Bengali Wedding Rituals

Bengali weddings comprise a plethora of events and rituals that are worth capturing. Our Candid Bengali Wedding Photography style is the talk of the town among the millennial couple. We love to freeze the real moments and natural reactions of your post-wedding events like Bidaai and Bou bhat. Our photographers are all ready to click the fun moments of post-wedding games that often result in the most eye-pleasing Bengali wedding photo.

Let’s plan a bengali wedding photoshoot

If you are looking for dreamy and romantic bengali wedding pictures that are made in a well-organized process, then consult today and see if this is the right fit for you.

About Bengali Wedding Photography Service

Are You Looking For Candid Bengali Wedding Photography?

Bengali Wedding Photography

Everyone feels excited to be engaged with a true soul mate in their life. Wedding festivity begins with immense joy and lots of wedding rituals. Each wedding moment tells a unique and beautiful story. This is the most magical day of a couple’s life when two souls united into one. This lifelong commitment needs to be planned properly for getting the most amazing memories through wedding photography.

Bengali weddings aren’t just about delicious food, clothes, and music. They’re also about capturing a moment in time. If you want to capture your candid style Bengali wedding moments, Sombit Dey Photography’s team of professional photographers is ready to capture your big day with an eye for details.

 We’re dedicated to providing you with high-quality Candid Bengali Wedding Photography in the most beautiful way. We aim to provide our clients with great customer service and breathtaking Bengali wedding pictures. Sombit Dey photography has captured more than a hundred bengali weddings over the years and would be pleased to photograph your beautiful day also. We are one of the leading Bengali wedding photographers in Kolkata for bengali wedding photography that works on a unique concept of capturing the pure emotions of each moment. Our Bengali wedding couple photography is a reflection of your feelings and emotions which has been given the shape of colorful portraits.


Candid moments captured perfectly!

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Adding emotions to every wedding frame

Things To Discuss Before Your Bengali Wedding Photoshoot

There are many things to consider when hiring a photographer for your wedding. Here is a list of a few important questions that couples must ask before hiring a Bengali Wedding Photographer. 

How Long Have You Been In Bengali Wedding Photography Industry?

Everyone would agree that an experienced Bengali Wedding Photographer with years of experience knows well how to document a wedding tale in the best way possible. You must ask this question to know their years of expertise in handling Bengali couple photography. At Sombit Dey Photography, we have gained more than 10 years of experience in Bengali wedding photoshoot and have covered 300+ weddings.

What Is Your Style Of Bengali Photoshoot For Wedding?

Before hiring a wedding photographer, it is important to have an idea of what kind of photography style they work on. A Bengali Wedding Photographer might be best in the terms of creativity and photography skills. But if their wedding style does not match your vision then it could ruin your wedding experience. So, it's better to ask them whether they deal in traditional or Candid Bengali wedding photography.

What Does Their Bengali Wedding Photography Packages Includes?

It is very important to know about the pricing and plans of the Bengali wedding photoshoot. Most Bengali wedding photographers offer custom Bengali Wedding Photography Packages that include a certain number of photoshoot hours, photography props, and wedding albums. At Sombit Dey Photography, we offer photography packages tailored according to our client's requirements. We ensure to provide you with a hassle-free Bengali bridal photoshoot and Bengali couple photography experience.

How Long Will We Receive The Final Album?

The excitement to see the wedding pictures begins just after the wedding finishes. Hence, you must make sure to ask your photographer about their project delivery time. Bengali wedding photographers generally take 2-3 weeks for creating the wedding album. You should end your curiosity beforehand about the wedding pictures before signing a contract for a wedding photoshoot.

What Is Their Editing Style?

Best Bengali wedding photographer in Kolkata often include editing and retouching service in their Bengali wedding photography packages. It is important to understand their photo editing style to know how unique their images will look after editing. Also, make sure to discuss the amount of photo editing you want in your wedding photos.

Ask Them Whether They Charge A Travel Fee For An Outstation Wedding Shoot.

Most couples forget to ask their Bengali wedding photographers about their traveling fees. But later it comes as a surprise gift from the photographer’s side in the bill. So, make sure to confirm whether they charge extra cost for traveling to a destination photoshoot location.

Will They Use Your Pictures On Social Media Sites?

Nowadays, Bengali wedding pictures are used by photographers to share their work on social media platforms and websites. If you feel uncomfortable and want privacy regarding your wedding memories then you should ask your photographer this question in advance.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

None of us likes to think about such questions while planning a wedding. But in certain cases, things can go wrong and force you to take this step. So, you must ask the cancellation policy to your Bengali wedding photographer in advance to avoid any last-minute arguments.