Find Your Perfect Makeup Artist In Kolkata For Wedding

Searching for the right makeup artist for your wedding day? Here is the list of top makeup artist Kolkata. Pick yours to be the star of your special event.

Find Your Perfect Makeup Artist In Kolkata For Wedding - blog poster

Wedding day makeup is something that cannot be compromised. A little mistake in your bridal makeup can ruin the special day of your life. A professional bridal makeup artist Kolkata makes all the difference for your wedding day. They can provide every bride with a unique and gorgeous look, which is sure to delight the wedding guests. A good makeup artist keeps in mind what you love the most and works according to your taste and personality. No matter how expensive your wedding outfit and jewelry are. All that matters is your bridal look which is a clear reflection of your bridal persona. From hiding the dark circles, to drawing dramatic eyes, a makeup artist does the needful. Perfect bridal makeup will make you ready for a Bengali wedding photoshoot. We know the importance of choosing the right makeup artist. That is why we have curated a list of the best makeup artist Kolkata to help you get a gorgeous look.

1. Anubrati Makeup Studio

Anubrati’s Makeup Studio is one of the best bridal makeup artist in Kolkata and one of the most affordable ones as well! Anubrati pays close attention to the requirements of the brides and provides them with a gorgeous wedding day look. Her flawless makeup looks helps photographer in Kolkata for wedding photoshoots.

Insta Profile: Anubrati Makeup Studio

Anubrati Makeup Studio

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2. Sharmila Ganguly

Sharmila Ganguly is one of the well-known Bengali bridal makeup artist. She is a certified makeup artist who specializes in dewy, and minimalistic makeup. She focuses on highlighting the best feature of the bride that gives brides a glamorous look on their special day.

Insta Profile: Sharmila Ganguly

Sharmila Ganguly makeup artist

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3. Abhijit Chanda

If you are looking for an on-point makeover for your pre or post-wedding functions then this name will ring a bell in your heart for sure. Abhijit Chanda is a top bridal makeup artist in Kolkata who has worked with more than 3000 brides till now. He is also famous for attending fashion events and doing celebrity makeup.

Insta Profile: Abhijit Chanda

Abhijit Chanda makeup artist

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4. Amit Das

If you are looking for a professional makeup artist in Kolkata to fulfill your wish of looking like a dream girl, consider choosing Amit Das. He makes sure to provide you a natural makeup using high-end branded products. He provides services like stunning eye makeup look, airbrush makeup, and dupatta draping.

Insta Profile : Amit Das

Amit Das makeup artist

5. Subham Chakraborty

Subham Chakraborty is one of the most established Kolkata bridal makeup artist. Shubham specializes in traditional and contemporary makeup according to your choice. His extensive knowledge of bridal makeup is the main reason for his success in the makeup industry.

Insta Profile: Subham Chakraborty

Subham Chakraborty makeup artist

6. Ujjawal Debnath

Ujjawal Debnath is the man behind the gorgeous reception look of many Bengali brides. Ujjawal Debnath is a talented makeup artist for wedding days who specializes in all kinds of makeup. His world-class services offer you a phenomenal bridal look. He is also capable of designing exquisite Chandan art designs for brides.

Insta Profile : Ujjawal Debnath

Ujjawal Debnath makeup artist

7. Debi’s Premier Makeup

Debi Das is one of the most established bridal makeup artists in Kolkata since 2009. Her profound knowledge of bridal makeup is what makes a bride look most beautiful on her D-day. She understands the needs of modern-day brides and offers an affordable bridal package that starts from Rs. 10,000.

Insta Profile: Debi’s Premier Makeup

Debi’s Premier Makeup

8. Exotic Makeup Studio

Kalpita De Sikdar is the leading wedding makeup artist in Kolkata. She keeps herself updated with the latest makeup trends and makeup techniques. Her unique beauty transformation techniques give you a charismatic look. She offers all types of makeup services in a budget-friendly package.

Insta Profile: Exotic Makeup Studio

Exotic Makeup Studio

9. Anirudh Chakladar

Anirudh Chakladar is a renowned makeup artist in Kolkata for bridal beauty. He has gained more than 20 years of experience in the makeup industry. He knows well how to create a signature bridal look. The services provided by Anirudh Chakladar include bridal makeup, party makeup, and hairstyling.

Insta Profile : Anirudh Chakladar

Anirudh Chakladar makeup artist

10. Sharen Makeup Studio

Every bride desires to look like a queen on her wedding day. And Sharen makeup studio does complete justice to this thought. Sharen makeover is a talented Bengali makeup artist who is hardworking and friendly. Their natural makeup techniques will help you get the most glamorous bridal look.

Insta Profile: Sharen Makeup Studio

Sharen Makeup Studio

11. Kaushik Danda

Kaushik Danda is a popular Kolkata bridal makeup artist famous for his unique makeup techniques. If you want to get a traditional yet enchanting bridal look you should get your bridal makeup done here. Kaushik Danda offers a wide range of makeup services that gives you a stunning bridal gleam.

Insta Profile : Kaushik Danda

Kaushik Danda makeup artist

12. Don Hsiao

Don Hsiao is the most famous bridal makeup artist in Kolkata. He has worked with various Bollywood celebrities and attended many glamour events Abroad. He specializes in makeup application and hairstyling according to the bridal personality. Don Hsiao will ensure everything is in the synk with your stunning wedding outfit.

Insta Profile: Don Hsiao

Don Hsiao makeup artist

13. Pinky Das

Pinky Das is another trusted makeup artist in Kolkata who will make your bridal dreams come to light. She can help you show the world why you are the most unique bride-to-be. Her elaborate makeup style and quality service are the talks of the town when it comes to wedding makeup.

Insta Profile: Pinky Das

Pinky Das makeup artist

14. Arpita Ganguly

Arpita Ganguly is a professional bridal makeup artist with 13 years of experience in the makeup industry. She has worked for various glamour AD shoots, model portfolios, and bridal makeovers. Arpita does not travel outstation and works only from their studio. Her natural glowing makeup is the best choice among brides for a subtle bridal look.

Insta Profile: Arpita Ganguly

Arpita Ganguly makeup artist

15. Namrata’s Studio

Namrata’s studio is a perfect place to get the desired bridal look on your wedding day. Instead of caking your face with lots of beauty products they make sure to highlight your facial features. Namrata studio believes in making every bride feel special.

Insta Profile: Namrata’s Studio

Namrata’s Studio makeup artist
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