13 Gorgeous Haldi Hairstyle Ideas For Brides

We have put together a collection of the best haldi hairstyle for bride that will take your glam factor to the next level at your Haldi ceremony.

13 Gorgeous Haldi Hairstyle Ideas For Brides - blog poster

Indian bridal hairstyles are popular throughout the world for their beauty and charm. A bridal hairstyle plays a significant role in transforming the whole look of a bride. In India bride’s hairstyle varies depending on the type of event. The Haldi ceremony is a fun-filled ritual that takes place on the morning of the wedding day. Brides focus more on their Haldi dress and matching jewelry. They often forget to choose a perfect hairstyle for their Haldi event. Haldi portraits are the best picture in a bride’s wedding album that reminds her of the joy and love she felt while celebrating this age-old ritual. Hairstyles have the power to turn up your whole look and make you a gorgeous bride. Choosing a stunning hairstyle can make you look beautiful. It doesn’t matter whether you have long hair or short hair, there’s always a pretty hairstyle for every haldi bride. So, here we’re sharing some most beautiful images of the haldi hairstyle for bride captured by the best wedding photographers in kolkata.

Some Useful Tips To Take Care Of Your Bridal Hair

Make sure to use a good shampoo and conditioner to give your hair a natural shine.

i) Stay hydrated because proper hydration is important for healthy hair.

ii)Avoid heat treatments that can damage the internal protein structure in your hair. It can result in dry and frizzy hair.

iii) Stay careful about those hair colors as these can impact your hair in the long run.

iv)Go for a hot oil massage to condition your scalp thrice a week.

v) Take care of your split ends by trimming them.

vi) Pick a hairstyle as per your haldi outfit and the wedding season.

vii) If you are not sure about your Haldi hairstyle then take professional advice from a hairstylist.

1. The Classy Donut Bun Haldi Hairstyle For Bride

Tie your hair into a classic donut bun and adorn it with a floral gajra to increase its beauty. This bride’s classic bun is complementing her structured white mukut and gorgeous banarasi saree. She has mastered the art of beauty by keeping her hair locks open at the front.

bun hairstyle for haldi bride

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2. Simplistic High Bun Hairstyle

You can see the happiness of this lovely bride in this picture frame. She has opted for a high bun adorned with a marigold gajra. This neat and clean bun is a perfect pick for a vibrant event like the haldi ceremony. To create some beautiful memories you must contact an experienced photographer in kolkata for wedding.

new hairstyle for Indian brides

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3. Elegant Open Locks With A Floral Tiara

We are mesmerized by the beauty of this bride sitting on a floral swing. She has decided to keep her curly locks open on her haldi day. Her beautiful floral tiara above the head is enhancing the beauty of her bridal haldi look.

open hairstyle for haldi ceremony

4. Gorgeous Puffed Hairstyle For Haldi Function

If you want to grab all the attention at your Haldi event then you must pick this puffy hairstyle. This haldi bride hairstyle is giving her an enchanting look during her haldi ritual. It gives your face an elongated look. The loose hair at the front adds some extra softness to the bride’s look.

gorgeous haldi hairstyle ideas

5. When A Low Pony Tail Meets Floral Wreath

This modern bride has chosen a voluminous and low ponytail to complement her gorgeous bridal lehenga. This is a perfect hairstyle for a joyful pre-wedding event that adds glam to your personality.

pretty hairstyle for brides

6. Beautiful Open Hair Braid With Hair Accessories

If you want to add a beautiful twist to your open hairstyle then you must choose this pretty and unique open hairstyle with swirly braids. You can add some hair accessories to offer it a unique charm. Remember to choose this hairstyle for winter weddings only if you can’t bear the summer heat.

best hairstyles for haldi ceremony

7. Messy Braid Haldi Hairstyle For Bride

A messy braid hairstyle can add a wow appeal to your haldi look. This is one of the best hairstyles for wavy hair. We can’t stop crushing over this bride’s messy braid amped up with baby breath and colorful flowers.

dreamy bridal hairstyles

8. A Mermaid Braid For A Fairy-Tale Theme Haldi Event

Tie your hair into a mermaid braid to complement your ethnic outfit. This fish tail braid with dainty flowers is adding that perfect touch of elegance to her gorgeous haldi look. This kind of hairstyle is perfect for a dramatic or fancy wedding theme.

eye-catchy haldi ceremony hairstyle for brides

9. A One Sided Braid Adorned With Dainty flowers

Here is another bride who donned a cascading braid on one side. A fluffy braid on one side makes your Haldi day look impressive. Here the entire volume of hair has been pulled out to the front from the shoulder. She has added baby breath and pink roses to match the elegance of her pretty bridal lehenga.

voguish braided hairstyle for brides

10. Magical Charm Of Floral Bun Haldi Hairstyle

A floral bun is the best choice to get a captivating haldi look. This bridal bun hairstyle with yellow roses matches the classic elegance of her traditional Haldi outfit.

simple hairstyle for haldi brides

11. Half-Tie Hairstyle For A Dramatic Haldi Look

The silky and wavy tresses of the half-tie hairstyle offer you a dazzling look during your pre-wedding event. This half-tie outline with bright flowers is a captivating one to try at pre-wedding events.

Haldi hairstyle ideas

12. Rose Style Bun Is The Most Glamorous Bridal Haldi Hairstyle

Loving this beautiful swirly bun of this gorgeous bride. This kind of Haldi ceremony hairstyle will definitely give you some dramatic portraits. You can add dainty flowers to the swirls to add more charm to it.

classy bun hairstyle for haldi ceremony

13. A Wavy Hair Bun For Those Having Short Hair

This wavy hairstyle is a perfect fit for all those brides having short and curly hair. It gives the appearance of a messy and voluminous bun with a touch of elegance. Adorn some fresh flowers on it to enhance the beauty of this bridal bun.

haldi hairstyle for bride
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