20 Important Bengali Marriage Rituals You Must Know About

Bengali weddings are filled with joy and cultural beauty. Read here some important bengali marriage rituals that make this wedding unique & spectacular.

20 Important Bengali Marriage Rituals You Must Know About - blog poster

Indian weddings are rich in tradition and festivity. Just like every Indian wedding, a Bengali wedding is also a fun-filled event. The diverse flavors of a Bengali traditional marriage are what make it beautiful. The wedding rituals of Bengali marriage are unique and enjoyable. Right from the captivating Shubho Drishti to an emotional Sindoor Daan all these beautiful customs make a Bengali wedding larger than a life event. If you visit the website of best wedding photographers in kolkata you will be able to experience the beauty of a Bengali wedding.

So, if you are curious about the age-old bengali marriage rituals then keep scrolling down and continue reading this interesting blog.

1. Aashirbaad – Blessings For New Life

All the wedding festivity of a Bengali marriage begins with Ashirbaad which is just equal to an Indian engagement ceremony. In this wedding ritual both the bride and groom are blessed by their in-laws and family members.

Aashirbaad photos

2. Aiburobhaat – A Traditional Bachelor Party

Aiburobhaat is a traditional way of celebrating the bachelorhood of the couple before tying the knot. Both the bride and groom were offered a plate full of delicious delicacies from Bengali cuisine by their friends and relatives.

bengali marriage rituals Aiburobhaat

3. Shankha Pola – Wearing Marriage Symbol

This is a very important bengali wedding rituals for bride when she is made to wear red and white conch shell bangles on her hands. This is the homely ritual performed in the presence of family members.

bengali Shankha Pola rituals

4. Ganga Nimontron – Invitation For Holy River

One of the most unique rituals that make Bengali weddings more cultural is the Ganga Nimontron. In India, rivers are worshiped as a divine form of nature and that is why Bengalis make sure to please the holy river Ganga by inviting her on the auspicious occasion of a wedding. A small procession led by women of the family marched towards the river to worship and invite the holy river.

Ganga Nimontron ritual

5. Dadhi Mongal – Morning Meal For New Couple

In the early morning of the wedding day, both the bride and groom are fed with soaked flattened rice and yogurt. After consuming this meal they need to keep fast for the whole day till their marriage gets completed. 

Dadhi Mongal ritual

6. Nandi Mukh – Paying Homage To Ancestors

Nandi Mukh is an age-old ceremonial wedding traditions that includes conducting a puja at home to worship the ancestors of the couple. This is a Vedic ritual that is performed at home in the presence of a priest. 

ceremonial wedding tradition Nandi Mukh

7. Gae Holud – The Auspicious Ritual Of Haldi

The most vibrant part of a bengali marriage ceremony is the beautiful ritual of Gae Holud. Same as a Haldi ceremony, the groom is applied with turmeric paste which is then sent to the bride’s home where the same turmeric paste is applied to the bride’s body and then both of them are used to bathe with the holy water brought from the river.

bengali marriage ritual Gae Holud

8. Bor Boron – Welcoming The Bengali Groom

Bor boron is another traditional wedding ceremony ritual of a Bengali marriage where the groom is welcomed by blowing the conch shell and feeding him with sweets and water which is performed by the mother of the bride.

Bor Boron photography

9. Saat Paak – Seven Rounds Of Bride

After welcoming the groom inside the wedding venue the bride is carried to the wedding mandap on a wooden seat by her four brothers or cousins. The bride is taken around the groom in 7 rounds to complete this ritual.

Saat Paak bengali wedding rituals

10. Subho Drishti – First Romantic Glance

The most beautiful pose of a bride in Bengali wedding rituals photography is the Subho Drishti moment. The Bengali bride who has covered her face with betel leaves slowly removes the leaves and both the couple looks at each other for the first time on their wedding day.

Bengali wedding ritual Subho Drishti

11. Mala Bodol – Exchanging Floral Garlands

Exchanging flower garlands is a fun custom in Bengali marriage which is called Mala Bodol. The brothers of the bride uplift her making a difficult for the groom to put the garland around her neck which is a super fun activity in a Bengali wedding.

Mala Bodol wedding rituals

12. Sampradaan – The Holy Promise

Another Bengali wedding ritual is Sampradaan where the bride’s father hand over her daughter’s hand to the groom and ties the holy knot which signifies the new beginning of the bride and groom’s life.

bengali wedding custom Sampradaan

13. Yagna – Worship God Of Fire

Yagna is a holy ritual performed by the priest by chanting Vedic mantras. Both the bride and groom sit next to each other and worship Agni Dev together to whiteness their sacred union.

traditional rituals of bengali marriage Yagna

14. Saptapadi – Seven Rounds Of Couple

Unlike the saat phere in an Indian wedding, the Saptapadi is a Bengali marriage ritual when the bride and groom play their steps on 7 betel leaves one after the other. 

beautiful bengali wedding ritual Saptapadi

15. Anjali – The Holy Offering

The next wedding custom is the holy offering known as Anjali. Here the bride’s brother gives her a tray filled with puffed rice. After which the couple together offers the puffed rice into the holy fire 3 times.

important rituals of bengali marriage Anjali

16. Sindoor Daan – Applying Vermillion To Bride

The sindoor daan in bengali wedding is a very beautiful wedding ritual that always holds a special place in wedding portfolios. To conclude the marriage the priest ask the groom to apply sindoor on the hair parting of the bride using a ring, mirror, or coin. After applying sindoor the bride’s face is covered with a new cloth known as Lajja Bastra offered by her inlaws.

sindoor daan in bengali wedding

17. Biday – The Emotional Farewell

The time of farewell is really painful for every bride. This emotional moment is a part of bengali wedding traditions where the bride needs to throw back rice in her mother’s pallu before leaving her house.

bengali wedding tradition Biday

18. Bodhu Boron – Welcoming The Bride

Welcoming the new bride into the house is one of the most joyful rituals of bengali wedding. Both the couple are welcomed by the groom’s mother by performing an aarti. Then the bride needs to stand in a utensil filled with milk and Alta liquid. After which she needs to step inside the home.

 Bodhu Boron

19. Bhat Kapor – An Age Old Promise

This is another interesting bengali wedding rituals for groom where he needs to offer the bride a plate filled with food items and clothes and also needs to make a promise of taking the responsibility of the bride for her entire life.

Bhat Kapor

20. Bou Bhat – The Grand Celebration

The last wedding ritual is called Bou Bhat where the groom’s family throws a big reception party by inviting their friends, relatives, and the bride’s family. After this wedding ritual both the couple unites for a lifetime.

Bou Bhat bengali marriage rituals
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