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Romance is the best feeling that can transform dust into a golden haze. Let us create the romantic pre-wedding tale that gives you an unforgettable experience.

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About Pre Wedding Photography in Kolkata

pre wedding photography

There can be hardly anything more beautiful than experiencing true love. And celebrating these precious moments with a creative twist is what we call pre wedding photography in Kolkata. It’s a great way to let the world know how strong your relationship is. Pre wedding photography also makes you camera-friendly that further helping you in posing perfectly at the time of the wedding.

Nowadays, most couples getting married in India hire a photographer to take pre wedding photography images. Pre-wedding photography is a new trend in India that is becoming increasingly popular. Bengali couples are now opting for pre-wedding shoots to capture their love story before the big day. It gives couples a chance to create some beautiful memories that they can cherish for a lifetime.

As a top pre wedding photographer, I believe in bringing true emotions into your romantic portraits. From the way, the groom holds the bride to the way the bride blushes; every single moment will be captured perfectly to create naturally beautiful and passionate couple pictures. Most couples want to shoot their pre-wedding stories at exotic pre wedding photography location, as they make your pre-wedding story more beautiful. From a beachside story to the latest miniature couple portraits, you can try everything here at Sobmit Dey photography to make a fabulous wedding invitation using your pre-wedding pictures.

Latest Ideas For Pre Wedding Photography In Kolkata

Every couple wants to capture amazing memories of their relationship through pre wedding photography. But what should you do to make sure your shoot is perfect? Here are some great ideas.

Traditional pre wedding photography ideas

Traditional pre wedding photography shoot is an amazing opportunity for couples to delve into their cultural roots and capture some lovely moments before tying the knot. This kind of pre wedding photography style is best for the couple who are planning to celebrate a traditional theme marriage.

Creative pre wedding photography ideas

In creative pre wedding couple photography, the photographer not only captures the romance between the couples but also adds a unique angle to each photo clicked by them. It is the art of capturing the best couples’ pictures that grabs attention at first sight.

Glamorous pre wedding photography ideas

Many couples like to perform a glamorous kind of pre wedding couple photography. This is a new concept in pre wedding theme photography where the couple chooses to wear splendid pre-wedding outfits to shoot a romantic tale in an exotic location. It is suitable for those who want to perform a filmy-style wedding in Kolkata.

Candid pre wedding photography ideas

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so you'll want to make sure you capture all the special moments with beautiful photos. But why stop at posed photos when you can also create a romantic story using natural pre wedding photography poses.

Looking for a dramatic pre-wedding shot?

Little drama can spice up everything. And planning a dramatic pre-wedding shoot portrays your inner feelings in pictures perfectly. So, what are you waiting for? Plan a magical pre-wedding tale with us now.

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End your search for the best pre wedding photographer in kolkata with us.

pre wedding photoshoot

The right pre-wedding photography can capture the most intimate moments between you and your partner and can give you the most incredible keepsakes to look back on years from now. It is therefore important that you choose a pre-wedding photographer who is experienced in pre-wedding photography and will be able to capture the most important moments of your relationship before you walk down the aisle. Be it a love marriage or arranged, every couple demands a romantic pre-wedding album that portrays their loving relationship.

Sombit Dey Photography is a well-known name in the wedding industry for a cinematic pre wedding photoshoot in Kolkata. Our studio provides all the necessary props to shoot a fantastic pre-wedding shot. We can also help you select a dream pre-wedding location in the city to create a romantic pre-wedding story. Our experienced pre wedding photographers use premium lenses to capture spectacular photographs. We ensure to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera so that you can give your perfect shot. 

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Qualities of Best Pre-Wedding Photographers in kolkata

Bengali Pre wedding photography brings with it a universe of romantic possibilities. It is an important aspect of wedding planning which allows the couple to know each other. This is why it is so important to find the best pre wedding photographer in Kolkata who can help you create a fantastic couple story using his excellent photography skills.

At Sombit Dey photography we first understand the couples' need and make sure that everything goes as per the plan. We create a friendly atmosphere during the couple pre wedding photography to reduce the nervousness of the camera-shy couple. Our team of best pre wedding shoot photographer comes up with creative ideas to capture your love story in a unique way. We keep a keen eye for details to make your pre-wedding photos more appealing. We try to infuse a little bit of humor and a lot of romance in every photo to create dreamy pre-wedding stories.

A scenic landscape opens up a happy playground with experimenting with some beautiful pre wedding photography poses. We strongly believe that the essence of pre wedding photography lies in its natural beauty hence, we make sure to plan the photoshoot in one of the best pre wedding photography location with our clients to make the most attractive pre-wedding stories.

Points To Consider While Hiring Pre Wedding Photographer In Kolkata

You need to do good homework about your pre wedding shoot photographer. Here are a few points that you must ask them before your pre wedding photography.

Ask About Their Specialization Area

It is very important to know about your pre wedding shoot photographer’s area of specialization. Do they prefer candid shots or couple portraits? It will help you to understand whether their working style matches your photography requirements or not.

Discuss About Their Photography Package

Another important point to discuss with your photographer is their pre wedding photography packages. Ask them what kind of services the photography package includes. And do they provide any additional service like a wedding album within the package?

Ask About Their Work Experience

The number of years they have worked defines their experience in the photography industry. It’s quite possible that a pre wedding photographer in Kolkata you are consulting has a work experience of 3 -5 years or even more. Knowing their work experience will give you an idea of how many couples have trusted them over the years.

Check Their Wedding Portfolio

Once you come to know about their work experience, you should also ask them to show their recent projects or portfolio. Their working style will be clearly reflected in the pictures clicked by them. This will further help you to decide whether they can stand on your expectations or not.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Pre Wedding Photography

Bengali pre wedding photography needs proper planning and execution. If you’re still confused about whether to choose us or not as your pre wedding photographer in Kolkata, then go through the list of questions shared below.

Why you should choose us as your pre wedding photographer in Kolkata?

We believe that there is no better way to cap a beautiful day than with a shot of you and your fiance, so we are more than happy to take these photos. Being the top pre wedding photographer, We have the best editing skills in the industry, providing great pre-wedding pictures and making sure you will be happy with what we do. It is a very important moment in your life, and you want to capture it like a dream. So why not choose the best!

Can you help us plan a pre wedding couple photography?

We believe that each couple should not just have a special day, but a day which truly represents them as a couple. We have helped many couples decide on the best pre wedding photography poses , themes, and picturesque pre wedding photography location. We are always ready to suggest you the best options to make your photography experience memorable.

What types of pre wedding photography do you do?

At Sombit Dey Photography, we strive to provide you with unique-looking pre-wedding photos that will be cherished by the faces in your wedding album. We perform traditional, creative, candid, and glamorous pre-wedding shoots as per the couple’s requirements.

Do you edit all the pre wedding photography images?

No, we do not edit all pre-wedding pictures. Because first, we choose the best pictures and then send them for the post-production or editing process. We know how to work with all of your precious images and make them look great.

Do you also offer cinematography services for a wedding?

Yes, we do offer wedding cinematography services in Kolkata at an affordable price. Our expert team will use an extensive range of tools to make your wedding films look magical and stunning.

Do you also travel outstation for pre-wedding shoots?

Yes, we love to perform destination weddings and couple pre wedding photography all over India.